Mon. Jan 25th, 2021

15 Powerful Apps That Can Make You More Productive

Most of us know what smartphone addiction is. Scientists proved that our productivity decreases due to spending time on our gadgets both during work and during our leisure time. But these apps can help us get rid of this addiction and use our time wisely!
Bright Side gathered 15 apps that you’ll definitely want to install on your smartphone.

15. CloudCal

Never have too many planners, right? Everyone is looking for the most convenient option for themselves. CloudCal is a free calendar application that combines all your Google and Outlook calendars into one application. It gives you an instant overview of your events and tasks from Facebook, Evernote, Trello, Meetup, and Eventbrite.

14. TeamViewer

This application is the most popular service for remote computer or mobile device control. Do you have telework or couldn’t get to the office for some reason? And there’s something wrong with your PC? No problem! Install TeamViewer and your friend or IT specialist will be able to fix it remotely.

13. Google Keep

It is designed for creating notes. There’s no way to forget something with this app. GoogleKeep has a number of advantages: you can add hashtags which means no more lost and forgotten passwords, dictate notes on the move, sort notes by color, add scanned text, and even share them with colleagues and family.

12. Headspace

How long have you been wanting to start meditating for at least 10 minutes a day? This app will help you finally reach your goal of obtaining inner peace. A smartphone and headphones are all you need. Meditate before bedtime and even on the go. Headspace guides you through cartoons, videos, and audio. It’s highly recommended!

11. Pocket

If you constantly find interesting articles but then lose them, this application is for you. Save your favorite articles “till later.” Pocket is an archive in which you can save materials for reading. Put a tag, for example, #science, and quickly find the necessary article.


This is an app where users can find music for work, sleep, or meditation. Melodies help focus on work, relax, or quickly dive into sleep. Just install it and catch the perfect wave!

9. Trello

This is one of the most popular online project management systems. It is in great demand among small companies and start-ups. It allows you to effectively organize your work under the Japanese methodology of Kanban boards: it sorts tasks by the degree of their implementation — to do, doing, done.


Don’t put things off until tomorrow and implement your plans today with app. Through this application, the achievement of goals can be perceived as a game. Just add your goal to the list and the app will remind you every day about it.

7. Dropbox

How many times have you lost documents and photos just because your laptop was broken or stolen? Dropbox is a cloud storage that is created to store files. Now it’s possible to have all your files at hand at any time.

6. Flipboard

This program is necessary for those who open more than 5 applications in the morning to check the news and see what’s new with friends on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Flipboard is a magazine that gets updates from all the connected social networks.

5. Forest

This app helps you to focus on work and grow a “forest”. You can set the timer from 30 to 120 minutes. If you quit the app or switch to some other program, the tree dies. Before leaving, the application specifies whether the user really wants to “kill this small and pretty tree.” If you want you can grow a whole forest. For each tree grown, the user receives an internal currency, which he can exchange for new kinds of trees. Your achievements can be shared with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

4. Lumosity

This is an app that helps develop a person’s mental abilities. It selects an individual program of “training” for each person based on parameters such as memory, attention, speed, flexibility, and problem-solving. Lumosity creates a program which requires you to train several days a week.

3. Remindo

Don’t forget the little things! Remindo will help you stay updated. Here you can group tasks by lists: birthdays, business meetings, shopping lists, and even the release dates of your favorite movies and TV shows. Create lists yourself and say goodbye to stress. 

2. Sleep Cycle

Average alarms regularly perform their task, but they completely ignore the physiological aspects of sleeping. Sleep Cycle is a smart alarm clock, developed on the basis of a scientific approach and studies on sleep phases. This app saves your nerve cells and makes it easier and faster to wake up.


IFTTT stands for “If This Then That.” This app allows you to associate 2 different programs on your phone, while one will necessarily be the main, and the other will be the subordinate. For example, you can set up automatic sending of new photos to your e-mail or set up a weather alert.
Have you tried any of these apps yet? Share your experience and your favorites apps with us in the comments!