Mon. Jan 25th, 2021
At some point of time, you may get bored of browsing all the regular stuff on the internet and may want to try something new and interesting, but finding the interesting sites is somewhat difficult. So I hereby introduce you some of the interesting websites that you can check out when you are free and use them when you want.

List Of Some Interesting Websites

Twin Strangers 

Twin Strangers is an interesting and useful website for those who are interested in knowing about the people who look alike. Its very simple to find your twin stranger, you can just simply go to the website twin strangers. Register yourself and give all the details about your looks, eye color, skin complexion and all. And you have to upload two of your picture, one with a smile and the other without a smile and you are done. You are now ready to trace your twin stranger soon.


Solving Rubik’s cube needs some practice and a lot of patience to learn as it has a lot of formulas to be remembered. But if you love to solve a Rubik’s cube, but don’t want to learn the formulas, then this site is like a boon for you. Ruwix is the site that came up with a great solution for all those who love solving Rubik’s cube but can’t. You simply go to this website and there you can find various sections where you can choose the Rubik’s solver section and there you have set the colors on that cube like colors on the one in your hand and there you go, it will guide to solve the cube.

Account Killer

Many online websites make the account creation process easier to increase the number of logins, but the user finds the account creation process quite annoying. But with the help of account killer, it will be now easy for you to delete any of your online accounts where it guides you through step by step procedures.


This website allows its users to read and even write short stories. If you are interested in writing stories but don’t know what to do, then this website gives you a wonderful opportunity to publish your stories. Or else, if you are just interested in reading, then this website has a lot of interesting short stories by various creative people.
There are many such interesting stuff online, these are just a few of them. First, try these and we will come with more interesting ones as well.
What else are you waiting for, just don’t miss to try these interesting websiteswhen you have got some free time.