Tue. Jan 26th, 2021
Gmail, a popular mailing service from the search engine giant Google has a lot of amazing and interesting

features in store for its users. And it is very much known as a fast service. And the users send and receive a number of emails every day. If you are also among those people who compose a lot of emails every day and send them, then you should definitely be needing this shortcut which allows you to cut short the process of opening the Gmail inbox and then clicking on the new button to start composing a new email. But there is a simple bookmark trick for you.

Bookmark Trick

This Google’s mailing service is a cloud-based service and therefore there will be an URL associated with everything. All you need to do is just bookmark that particular URL of that particular task on your toolbar and make your task simpler.
  • A special URL that will lead you to a simple email window and you should be logged into your Google account if you wish to access the clutter free email window using the above URL
  • And if you wish to open that URL with some default parameters, then you can make use of some specific strings
  • And let us now see the strings that you can make use of if you wish to open the new compose window with default parameters
&to=contacts, you can also add multiple contacts in a single string, but you have to separate
&cc=you can add cc recipients with this string if any
&bcc=add bcc recipients using this string if any exist
&su=add subject of your email using this string
&BODY=this string can be used for adding the body of your email
%20 is a special character that you can make use of if you have to leave a space
This quick URL bookmark trick can come to you as handy at times for sending quick emails without any hassles.