Wed. Jan 27th, 2021

Every one of us might be very much in need of a screenshot taking a tool. It allows us to capture the required pages or parts of pages from websites, blogs etc. We might be very easily doing this task of screen shooting in our Android devices. But when it comes to Windows run desktop PCs and laptops there are also many such screenshot tool applications that let the users capture their screens. But people often seem confused about choosing the perfect application that suits their needs and desires. So, here we bring you an application called floomby.

Various Features Of This Screenshot Tool

This tool comes with multiple ways of taking screenshots. One is using your mouse, and the other one is using the keyboard shortcut keys. And the interesting thing to know is that you can even customize the keyboard shortcuts as you want them by heading to the floombyapplication settings.

The application even allows the users to click the screenshots of their screen easily as it has got an easy and quick launch icon in the system tray. Just right click on the icon and you will find the available options.

Right after clicking the screenshot you will be given access to annotation. You can add text, draw something, write something, add emojis before sending or using the shot captured.

After capturing the screenshot this tool actually gives you multiple saving options where you can choose the format of the file, or choose to upload it to a server

It comes with a pretty easy to use user interface that stands as an attraction among the users

This is a pretty lightweight tool and works super fine that will satisfy the users in a great way. So, if you would like to make your task of taking screenshots on your PC an easy thing, then get this Floombyapplication downloaded. Experience the wonderful screenshot tool.