Thu. Jan 21st, 2021

While we are working on our computers, laptops, it becomes quite difficult to keep an on our phones, in fact, it cannot be possible to do that with two hands on the keyboard. It’s quite a tough thing to pick up the phone and then go through the various messages,

emails that we get. The work gets disturbed. But don’t worry there is an android messaging app that will help to view, respond to the messages from various applications.  And that is the Pushbullet application which will be available for free on Google Playstore. Using this you can message from PC, without having to touch your mobile phone.

Steps to send text messages from your PC Using Pushbullet Messaging App

All you have to do is just install the Pushbullet app from the Playstore on your android phone, tablet or anything. Pick the one Gmail account that you would prefer to use.

Now on your system’s Chrome browser go to and log in there with the same Google account that you used for signing in the messaging app on your mobile phone.
You can set up Pushbullet with the same account on as many Android devices as you need, but it is a must to note that you need to select the particular device while you push/send something from your PC/laptop.
After the setup is done, you can easily send texts, addresses, lists, links and files between to android device and PC. Just pick which device you to send and then select the particular file, text, document, folder, link etc.
You can even send files to your friends’ Android devices, using the email addresses of your friends that they have used to sign up this app.
This messaging app thus not only allows you to message from PC but also makes transfer between the devices very easy and quick.