Wed. Jan 20th, 2021
The biggest problem the users of any device like tablets, laptops, PCs, and phones face these days is the low memory problem.  We may find our laptops and desktops which used to have to have a lot of free space in the beginnings get to on low space, we may not be able to find the reasons and get back the free space.

Disk Space Analyzer – SpaceSniffer

When it comes to personal computers there are a lot of disk space analyzer tools and one such a very useful and awesomely working tool is SpaceSinffer which I am going to elaborate you in this articleThis software tool doesn’t require an installation process. You can just install the file, extract it and run the .exe file. It will present you with all the drives of the hard disk that you have divided on your PC. You can just select the particular drive that you wish to get an analysis of. Then it will bring you the data and memory details of each and every folder, files in it with the help of color boxes, which will be helpful in assessing the memory and which one occupied the much space on your drive.
Scan all of your disks, one of your disks, or just a folder to analyze. The files and folders can be reviewed, deleted from there.  There are also some special options to analyze the tools which you can find on the application’s toolbar on the top of the window.
View your space consumption by file extension, so you know what file types are taking up the most space
So, if you wish to get the eye catchy analysis of your disk space, then this SpaceSniffer is the best tool that you can try.
If you find the low memory warning on your PC, then it’s time to get this awesome disk space analyzer tool from   Here