Tue. Jan 26th, 2021
This period of lockdown is giving different kinds of experiences for different people. Parents locked down with their kids are in fact in some weird kind of a situation. For working parents, this task of managing their kids will be a really tough task. Online learning resources are emerging as lifesavers for students when one-third of humanity is on lockdown. Entertainment apps and online games are also serving a key role right now in keeping our kids busy while many of us continue to try to work from home. So, here we present you with a list of apps to keep your children busy while you work.

Apps To Keep Your Children Busy In Lockdown

Math Games

Math Games is a website that consists of more than 21 math-related interactive games. It makes the impossible possible—It makes learning math fun for kids! Kids also have the option to practice their math by grade: from Pre-K up to eighth grade. On the other hand, students can also practice Maths based on skills—from addition and estimation to mixed equations and money.

Teach Your Monster To Read

Keeping toddlers engaged is a difficult task and we all know that. So, to help them stay concentrated, we should have a list of apps to keep them engaged for a long period of time. This Teach your monkey to read is one such a website that is available absolutely free. As the website name suggests, this will actually be helping you in teaching your kids to learn and practice reading in a playful way that they completely enjoy it. Do give it a try.


DuckDuckMoose is an application designed for pre-schoolers and kindergarteners. It features puzzles, maps, and interactive music games.

Fish School

Fish School app is from the creators of DuckDuckMoose, It is made with kids 2 and up in mind. It helps you to teach young learners about colors, letters, numbers, and shapes through matching games.
You need to get out of the mindset that you should keep away your kids from screens, so try introducing these applications to your children and you will definitely be having a peaceful and pleasant quarantine.