Tue. Jan 26th, 2021
Screenshots, we might want to capture the screen one time or the

other, for capturing the screen of your PC, there are a lot of options available and the inbuilt Windows application for capturing the screen which is the Snipping tool. But taking screenshots on the web pages is considered as a difficult thing, sometimes we may want to capture the whole web page or a part of a web page, here is a wonderful and very much useful Chrome extension that is going to be very much useful if you like to capture web pages.

Screen Capture is the Chrome extension which you can get from the Google Chrome ’s web store.
After installing it you can find the icon of the application on the top right corner of the Chrome tab. Now, whenever you need to capture the screen just click on that icon and you will find three options, and remember that the options will change from web page to web page according to its support.
Just click on the icon to find three options and the options include Capture page region where you can capture a certain region by dragging over the region where you would like to capture, Capture visible content is the second option using which you can capture the visible part of the screen, Capture the whole page captures the entire web page in just one click. And you can also find the Options option at the bottom where you can change the format of the file that will be saved. And you can also enable keyboard shortcuts for the actions there.
So, we hope you understand the uses of this Chrome extensionand try using Screen Captureextension on your Chrome browser to capture web pages easily.
Make your hassles to capture web pages disappear.