Tue. Jan 19th, 2021
Compact media storage devices like the memory cards, pen drives, hard drives have become a part of our lives and daily tasks all these days. But many of us feel concerned about the safety of the sensitive data that we store in our media storage devices. The simplest and easiest solution for that is protecting your storage device with a password. This process will not only help you encrypt your drives but also protect your data from being used by any person who is unauthorized. So, learn how to protect external drives.

Steps Involved To Protect External Drives

So, today we are going to let you know the process for protecting your USB Pendrive using BitLocker which is available by default in Windows OS, follow the steps below

  • As a first step, you need to insert the USB drive into your Windows PC
  • Then right click on the drive and select turn on BitLocker option available in the pop-up menu
  • Then you will see a Window open, check the Use password to protect the drive option, and then enter the password that you wish to set as a security code for your drive twice in the two boxes there
  • Click on Next and then choose the option to save to Microsoft Account, or you can also choose print the recovery key option if you have a printer connected to your PC
  • This will start the encryption process and your drive will be secured with the password that you have set
You can thus protect your media storage devices securely without the need for any third party applications and softwares by following these simple steps in no time. So give this thing a try and you will definitely start feeling protected.
Don’t take risks, protect external drives and stay safe and secure!!!!