Sat. Jan 16th, 2021
Fact Checking!!! Is it really needed – you may think.
The internet has changed many of our lives wholly and completely and it has also made distances very small. That nowadays we are able to make calls and get in touch with all our loved and dear ones no matter how far they are from us. And when we discuss the main purpose of the internet which is spreading knowledge and providing information, then we should think a bit.
The freedom is given to the users of the internet that anyone and everyone can post, add or edit the information. And also the rise of the social media also had raised many important issues, but at the same time, it has also done some serious damage. People have lost their common sense and share everything without even knowing about the correctness of the content.
This is making way for spam and fake messages which can be put to an end if you go through some fact checking. So, here are a few websites that we are listing here that you can use for fact checking before you believe and spread that thing.

Websites For Fact Checking


This is an incredible website that gives the users with the detailed and reasonable information about the spam and fake news, posts. It debunks the viral rumors on the internet, fake and false news, etc. This website was started in 2003 as a part of the Yahoo Group and came into existence the later year. Hoax-Slayer aims to make the internet a better and a safe place by combating spam and educating the internet users.


This is one of the oldest websites that debunks the hoaxes. It always lists the sources that can help in validating or debunking a particular post. It will list some link at the end of each and every article, which you can use to know the accuracy of that particular post or news. Snopes can thus be a great option for you to fact check before you spread it to someone else.

Fact Checking: 

This is another most reputed fact checking website. And this website very much geared towards US politics and those who would like to know or fact check regarding a certain news regarding the US politics can use this website. And the section Viral Spiral can be used for Fact checking the various viral rumors on the internet.