Sat. Jan 16th, 2021

What will you usually be doing when your device is on low battery. If I am at a place where I can plug my device, then I will immediately plug in the charger, or if I am away from home and don’t have access to the plug, then I will try to preserve it as long as I can until I plug in it. This might be the common thing that every one of us will be doing maybe with a bit of difference. But a new chat application in the Android play store is doing rounds and is on the way of creating another trend. So, we decided to introduce you to this application.

Die With Me – Chat Application

So, Die with me is the application that we are talking about. This application will be accessible only when your phone is below 5% of the battery. And after you just download and install the application on your Android device, you need to just finish the sign-up process where you have to give your anonymous identity with a duplicate name or you can also choose to give your original name if you wish. You can chat with completed strangers with the help of this application after you are done setting up. And yeah another important requirement to access this application is that your device must be on a low battery that is below 5 percent.

And the interesting and awkward thing about the application is that everyone if the chat room is having their phones on a low battery if your phone battery finishes, your phone will die and you will disappear from the chat, how strange and the different thing is this to happen while you are chatting with someone. Right!!!