Wed. Jan 20th, 2021
Gmail has been the most popular and widely used mailing application and that is for

sure and if you are a Gmail user and wishes to make more use of it but don’t know how, then here we are presenting you with the Gmail attachment manager that lets you use the Gmail search and filter options even better and thus allows you to better organize your inbox.

Gmail Attachment Manager To Save Your Time

So, follow these simple steps
  • Dittach is one such a very useful Gmail attachment manager that you must definitely check to make your inbox more organized, clean and sorted
  • If you do a lot of work every day with attachments and work with many attachments at a time and stay busy receiving and sending them, then you need to get this
  • You can get this Dittach attachment manager from the Chrome’s web store
  • After installing, give or allow it permissions for accessing your Gmail inbox as it will prompt you in the beginning to do that, so do that before proceeding
  • And then when you open your Gmail inbox, it will show you a side box on the screen with all the attachments that you have sending and receiving
  • You will find the box with a clean and clear detailed feed where you will find the list of the attachments in thumbnails and it will also have the file name, sender name with it, so it will be easy for you to trace the file or the attachment easily and really quick
  • You can just simply click on the particular thumbnail of the attachment to view it quickly
  • And the sidebar, in fact, the Dittach attachment manager even allows you to save, print or forward the attachments right from there itself
So, do get this attachment manager if you have to work a lot with attachments, and make your task of saving sorting and forwarding attachments simple.