Sat. Jan 16th, 2021

YouTube, the source for entertainments for many of us these days as it can be accessed from across various devices. It even has lots of interesting stuff in it. YouTube not only has entertaining stuff, there are tonnes of educative and knowledge gaining stuff but it all depends on how you see it and use it.

Chrome Extension For Better YouTube Search

But sometimes searching for the video on a certain topic that are wishing to know or else switching to the particular part of a video can be a tiresome task, but this task will be going to be a really simple and easy one with the help of a simple Chrome extension and that is the Invideo for YouTube , you can get this application from Google’s Chrome web store for free, you can get this extension for free.

This wonderful extension actually helps you to save a lot of your time. It enables you to search for the YouTube content pretty easily. You can search for the videos by using the keywords that have been used in the video. Once you download and install the Chrome extension on your browser, you are all set to use it. And after you will start to see an Open Invideo button added next to the YouTubevideo title. You can just click on that button and it will get activated.

And this tool will allow you to perform two handy actions. This tool not only allows you to search for the videos using keywords. But you can even also suggest keywords for the videos that you are watching. The extension will by default display the transcriptions for the video. But at the same time, you will also be provided with an option to switch the languages as per your choice and wish. So, do get this handy Chrome extension and make life easier.