Wed. Jan 20th, 2021

Android apps are without a doubt one of the reasons for your battery draining problems on your Android phone. The apps keep running in the background using the internet, motion sensors and all which will be the reason that is sucking your Android phone’s battery.

The sad part is the worst apps that suck our battery are the most popular apps. Now let us just take a look at some worst battery draining Android apps and some tips that can help you to save your device’s battery.

Microsoft Outlook:

Microsoft makes some awesome Android apps and Outlook is one of them undoubtedly, but the avast’s list of battery sucking apps include this app in the 10th place, so we should consider that point.

We can’t make the app stop in the background as the email apps will become useless if they don’t auto synchronise in the background.

Solution: The solution to this is simply switching to another email app. Play store has a plenty of email applications which you can choose from. Inbox by Gmail is one best alternative that you can prefer.

Facebook and Messenger:

The biggest social network in the world is also the biggest battery drainer app in the world. The official Facebook and app and its Messenger app are the biggest battery drainers.

Solution: You can just use Facebook Lite and Messenger Lite, which are the light weight alternatives from the company. These lightweight apps use fewer data, resources which save your battery.


Amazon is undoubtedly the best shopping website that offers tonnes of deals and offers. But its Android app is not optimised properly and that is the reason for your battery draining problem.

Solution: We can’t find any alternatives for Amazon, so the best solution can be just shopping on the Amazon website through your browser.

Samsung’s default apps:

Samsung devices come preloaded with plenty of applications and the users don’t use them, but they are the reason for the device’s battery draining as they run in the background.

Solution: Uninstalling the pre-installed applications cannot be possible unless you have a rooted device. You can also find alternatives for these apps from the Play store which has tonnes of useful applications.

YouTube, Netflix and various streaming apps:

These video streaming apps drain the battery of your Android device.  The reason can be they use data or WiFi and the screen is also on for playing the videos.

Solution: As you cannot avoid such applications the best solution can be by following some simple tips which include reducing your screen brightness. Avoid the usage of Bluetooth speakers and headphones instead used wired appliances.

So make your Android phone’s battery last longer by following these tips and avoiding these applications which drain your battery.