Sun. Jan 24th, 2021
We deal with files a lot each and every day in our Android devices. But if you think you are struggling while trying to manage the files in your device, then don’t worry here are some simple and pretty useful tips that you should know about to make your life with managing files easy.
There are a pretty huge amount of applications available in the Android play store that can help you with this humongous task of managing files. We all must be aware of the popular file manager applications like Solid Explorer, ES File Explorer. These applications offer you a pretty huge range of features that can help you with the process of managing and working with files easy. So, you can try any of these applications of your choice.
And also you must consider trying the built-in file manager application that you have been given on your device before going for the third-party applications from the play store. So, first, go through the features of the built-in file manager and if you feel like the features are not just enough for you, then go for a third-party app.

Transferring Files Between PC And Mobile

So, this is another thing that most of us might be concerned about and if you deal with files a lot and have to transfer them from PC to mobile and mobile to PC quite often, then you can just make use of the USB cable which allows you to simply copy and paste the files.
You can also use the Bluetooth option which allows you to transfer files wirelessly.
There are also certain applications like AirDroid and Pushbullet that allows you to access, browse, transfer your files across devices.
You need to get the AirDroid app for both mobile device and PC. Just do the basic setup, to begin with, the managing files thing.
Pushbullet is another such amazing application that offers you many amazing features and even allows you to access your files remotely.
Google’s Files Go is another application that you should definitely try using for managing files.