Sun. Jan 24th, 2021
The situation that we are in now has forced us to stay indoors. Gaming is one of the best pass times for many of us during this lockdown. Aren’t you just bored of playing LUDO all the time? So, here we bring you another world full of entertainment that you should check out for sure.
We all might already be aware of the Facebook games that we play and challenger our friends on Facebook.
Keeping in mind the demand for games online, the social network giant has rolled out an application just a few days back. This can be considered as Facebook’s contribution towards the pandemic.
The application is available to download for free for Android users in Google Play Store.

Facebook Gaming App – A Must Have App During This Lockdown

Facebook has launched Facebook Gaming: Watch, Play, and Connect. When you open the application, it gives you a feeling like the main Facebook application. You are greeted by the app with a video on the opening feed. On the feed, you will find various games, live streams of games based on the games you have chosen in the setup menu. You can comment, like, or react to those videos and you can even share them on your timeline.
You will find a dedicated games tab on the opening tab of the application. It will take you into the world of instant games, which you can play inside the application itself, challenge your friends to beat your scores. The games available here will include many of our favorite games that we are very much used to play on the Facebook website.
Go Live is another tab that you will find on the home screen of the application. For all those people, who love to play it while others are watching them play, this is an awesome application. You don’t need any additional applications or software for this. Just click on the Go Live option available on the top of the screen and that is it.
Facebook has come up with something interesting at the right time right and we thought we had brought this to your notice at the right time. Download it right away and start playing.