Sun. Jan 24th, 2021
In a country like India where people are slowly getting used to online shopping, product reviews play a major role. The users will be very much dependent on the reviews of the products.  But fake reviews are what ruining the user experience. So, let us now see how to filter fake reviews on Amazon.
We all might be aware of the fact that Amazon products also have some reviews that are fake but to get rid of those fake Amazon reviews as the genuine customer reviews help us decide whether to buy or not buy the particular product, we need to do a process of filtering the fake reviews. So, here is the process of filtering.

Filtering Fake Reviews

  • Review Index can actually help you a lot in making your online shoppingexperience a less tedious and a better one
  • This web tool is a multi-role fighter that can be very much helpful for the shopper online. It is especially a great tool for getting rid of the fake product reviews on Amazon
  • All you need to do is just head to this web tool and then copy and paste the URL of the product that you are wishing to purchase
  • Then it will work magic and filter out all the fake product reviews away and thus showing you all the genuine customer reviews which can be helpful for you to decide on the product
  • It even presents you the performance card by summarizing all the reviews together based on features and all which helps you in knowing about the product much better
But unfortunately, as of now, this web tool is offering services for the Amazon US products only. Hope this will be made available for other countries soon as known. So let us have to wait for this amazing tool to arrive in our country.