Sun. Jan 24th, 2021

Gmail has become a part of work lives that we just cannot begin or end our day without opening Gmail. It has been quite a popular service among the many email services available. If you are also the one who uses Gmail a lot and struggles in managing your stuff within the mail. Finding the attachments from the emails that we have received long back can be a really tough task as we need to surf through the inbox. Check them all to get found one mail that has the attachment that we are searching for. So worry not here we present you the simple steps to get this thing done.

Finding Mails With Attachments In Gmail

Gmail is built with powerful search features that itself allows you to get what you need found easily. And the thing is that you don’t actually have to remember the sender name, file name or the date on which you received that mail for doing this search.
You can use the keywords ‘has.attachement’ in the search of the Gmail window to get all the emails with the attachments listed below. If you are sure that you are searching for a particular file format, then you can also try searching ‘has.attachment doc’ and this bring you the list of the documents attached emails.
You can stay carefree until your storage in the Gmail inbox reaches 15GB. So, stay carefree and store countless amounts of data that you may need in the future. Get rid of all the stuff that you don’t actually want ever and this can actually help you in getting your stuff found really easy. And for finding really big file attachments, there are also some tools that you can make use of. But to find the regular attachments with small stuff and small-sized files, these tips can work for you.