Wed. Jan 20th, 2021
The users who try installing apk files quite regularly will be familiar with this error, those who download apps from the Play store may also have encountered this error. “App not installed” is a very common installation error faced by the users that irritate them. It restricts them from installing the application on their device. But don’t worry here are some common things that you must check immediately after finding this error to solve the problem. Start enjoying the application on your device.

Fixing The App Not Installed Error

  • Check whether your device has sufficient memory available in it for installing new apps. You can clear some apps that you may not feel useful or needed.
  • Check the apk file that you have downloaded it might be corrupted or not downloaded properly, check the causes and download it again freshly.
  • Make sure that your SD card is not mounted anywhere and trying to install an app in this position will result in errors for sure. So make sure your SD card is not mounted on your laptop, PC or somewhere else.
  • Incorrect app installation location can be another reason for it. Some apps cannot be installed from the SD card, while some can. So changing the location of apk file from SD card to the internal; storage can solve the problem.
  • The app installation file may be of the old version, this will restrict the app from installing in some devices, so downloading the latest version of the application and trying to installing it can be the solution for this installation error
  • Temporary OS glitches also cause this error at times, time is the only solution to this problem.
  • So, do try these things immediately you get the App not installed error on your device while installing an application and fix this installation error pretty easily.