Mon. Jan 18th, 2021

 Google developed a ‘Safe Folder’ for its Files app. This feature surprisingly got removed from the application with a warning message that states Safe Folder is no longer supported by this application. Now the software giant has re-enabled this Safe Folder feature with its latest beta version.

Safe Folder feature allows the users to hide sensitive, private photos or videos. If you feel, you have some private pictures that need to be hidden from the prying eyes, then you can protect the hidden files with a 4-digit PIN.

You will find the Safe Folder option in the Collections section of the app. To get started, tap on Safe Folder and set a 4-digit PIN code. You can now see a ‘Move to Safe folder’ option whenever you long-press a file and access the overflow menu.

If you are done with moving the confidential files to the Safe Folder, you can access them anytime by coming back to Collections -> Safe Folder. Also, the app will restore the files to their original location if you decide to move your files out of Safe Folder.