Tue. Jan 26th, 2021
Screenshots can be captured with the help of the old print screen key, or with the help of any professional screen capturing tool. The main important thing to be remembered is the image should need to be sharp and the file size should be a reasonable limit. There are three most commonly used image format styles for sharing the captured screen images on the web, and they are PNG, JPEG, and GIF. If you use the windows snipping tool which is the default program for capturing screenshots in windows, you can simply select the format of the image that you save from the drop-down menu.

Taking screenshots on our PCs and laptops have been a very regular and common task. We have been very much used to do in our daily lives without any kind of a second thought. This is one among the many such other tasks that we do subconsciously. Here is how you can select or choose the particular image format for the screenshot that you take.

Choosing Your Screenshots Image Format

Now, here are a few tips for choosing the formats
  • If you capture a web page that is full of text and web page results, then choose GIF or PNG as JPEG adds noise to the image.
  • Choose the JPEG format if you want to save the image with really low size.
  • Use PNG format if you wish to capture the program window or the window on your PC.
  • Go for JPEG image format if you want to capture a frame from your video game, YouTube video, or a movie from DVD.
In simple words use PNG for saving images with web pages full of text, JPEG for photographs and places with small file size and GIFs for capturing solid images with colors and animation.