Tue. Jan 26th, 2021
We might be using save password option quite many times and we use it for saving our various passwords. And it is normal and usual that we forget our passwords and what if we haven’t got them written or saved anywhere, don’t worry if you are stuck in such kind of a situation and for this you will have to have an Android device in which you have that password saved and you can view the saved passwords and make a note of them for logging with the password from somewhere else.
WiFi has become our main source of internet these days and wherever we go we get WiFi, but it cannot be easy to remember all those different passwords and what if we don’t have the passwords noted down somewhere, don’t worry, as today’s article will let you learn how to view the passwords that you saved on your device.
There are different procedures for rooted and unrooted android devices, so keeping in mind the most number of users who might be using unrooted devices, here we are presenting you the process of viewing the WiFi passwords that were saved on your unrooted device.

View Saved Passwords Of WiFi 

  • For taking a look at the saved passwords from a rooted device, you will be needing a file manager
  • The file manager that you are using should give you access to the root folders. So choose root explorer or some other application like it
  • Now navigate to data/misc/wifi in the file explorer and look out for a file with the name wpa_supplicant.conf.
  • Then open the file with the inbuilt text or HTML viewer
  • Now here you will get to see the different networks and their respective passwords that you can take a note of for referring in future
You can try the process using other file managers like ES Explorer also, so give it a try.