Wed. Jan 20th, 2021
Search Engine giant Google has many interesting and amazing things with it that many actually don’t know. I have informed you about some of those hidden things in Google that we could try in my earlier article where you can find some interesting things for time pass and now, here in this piece of article, I am here to tell you about some more interesting hidden things that Google have within. Check out Google’s hidden gems.

Google Sky:

This is normally the extended version of Google Maps where people can have a look of the outer space. This is the perfect tool for those who love exploring the outer space. And those who love stargazing will actually have to visit this to know about the outer space and have a look at the universe.
You can view outer space using infrared, microwave and historical views that are available on the website. It even allows you to view solar systems, constellations, backyard astronomy and many others. You can even search for a particular star, planet, galaxy, constellation by typing it in the search bar available there.
hidden gems

Google Arts and Culture:

This is one among the most incredible online sources for the historical information online that is currently available. This is a huge platform where Google with mutual collaboration with museums, libraries across the world. Google Arts and Culture offers many features which also include exhibit where many museums allow users to explore the museums nothing but using just computers.
This is a wonderful way for all those people who love to explore and art and culture of the various countries, that they can actually do this right from their computer.
hidden gems

Google Jigsaw:

The main theme of Google Jigsaw is to keep people aware of the current cyber security issues and threats that are prone to in the current online world. This is one of the hidden gems that you must give a check.

hidden gems 3

Build with Chrome:

This tool helps to foster your creativity. If you love LEGO, then this will surely entertain you. With virtual LEGO pieces, users can actually build buildings, structures, characters, vehicles and all. You can even share your created master-pieces after you finish them with your friends.
hidden gems 3

Google Street View Trek:

Many people depend on Google Street View and make it a part of their trips and Google Street View Trek will take you a step further information, sights, views, sound, guided tours of selected locations.
hidden gems 4

Google Smarty Pins:

Aren’t you bored of playing all those regular boring games all the time? Then, why don’t you try playing Google Smart Pins where you can get fun-filled with some education. It is geography trivia challenge that Google Maps is used in the background. The game will be that it asks you to identify various locations and at first you are credited with 1500 Kms and each time you point the wrong location, the difference between the right location and wrong location will be subtracted from your Kms and if your account goes zero, the game will be over. There are different categories in trivia that you can choose from History and Current Events, Entertainment, Arts and Culture, science and Geography, Sports and Games. It’s a fun that you should try.
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Don’t miss trying these hidden gems in the Google Playstore.