Wed. Jan 27th, 2021

We are very much connected with the technology and as it helps us to connect with our personal and professional contacts every day, we make use of it a lot. We all may be thinking that the media services have the best features that can protect our privacy from the others, yes, it is true, but the mail services don’t lack behind. Especially the search engine giant’s most popular email service Gmail is no less in providing its users with the most useful features.

If you feel someone is constantly irritating you with emails or if you feel to stop someone from sending you emails and remove from your circles, then it can be possible. Very fewer people know about this, but it is possible. There are simple three steps for blocking someone on Gmail.

First of all, login I to your Gmail account using your login credentials.

Now open the mail from the particular person whom you want to block

You can see a drop down arrow button next to the reply icon to the right most of the sender’s name, just click on it

Now from the drop down menu, click Block followed by username option

Then you will see a confirmation window popping, just click block to confirm

That is it you are done with the process, now you won’t find those annoying emails in your inbox.