Sun. Jan 24th, 2021
Using the Google playstore is a pretty simple task and you don’t need too much of knowledge or technical information for making the best use of it. There are plenty of applications available in the Google playstore that users can try and use. But according to the terms and policies of the apps certain apps don’t get installed in your country/region. If you would like to access the playstore of another country then you need to change country/region.

Steps To Change Country/Region

First of all, you need to open the Google playstore on your device.
Then you need to go the left side menu in the application and then tap on the Account option.
Then you will see the option Country and profiles if you have access to the country switching options.
Tap this country category and then select the country in this area.
Then it will show you a warning prompt, you need to review it and accept the change. Once you are done with saving the changes, you will be able to browse the playstore of the particular region.
This option to change country/region will be available to you if you were in another country previously and now in a different country. It recognizes the country based on the IP address.
You can also make use of VPN apps to switch to a different country or a region. But just for trying certain apps, it is not recommended.