Sun. Jan 24th, 2021
Android may be the most popular operating system but it still has got some flaws that may make the users feel bored of. The boot animation is the animation that is displayed on your device while you boot your device and have you ever thought of changing the animation as you might be quite bored of it with the same animation coming up on display all the time. Well, you might have left it away and got used to it thinking of it as a really huge task. But it is really not a big task to change the boot animation on your device and here we present you to the process of changing it. Go through it and get rid of your old and boring animation.

Changing Boot Animation In Android Devices

  • And for this process, you will need root explorer to be installed on your device and you can get this android app for free from the Google play store, so get it, download it and install it on your device
  • Then open the root explorer Android app and head to System>media and there you will find the file and you have to rename it and keep as backup
  • Then you can get any other boot animation that you like downloaded from any website
  • Now move the downloaded file to System>media folder and make sure you rename it with if that file has any other name
  • Now reboot your device and you will start to see the new boot animation from the immediate bootup
  • And you have always got the option to return back to your old and default animation by renaming the original file. Deleting this downloaded animation if you don’t like it anytime
  • So, we hope this simple process helped you in getting rid of the old and boring animation on your device.