Sat. Feb 27th, 2021

We use computers for many purposes. They may be work related purposes, entertaining purposes, or educative purposes, but anyway we are very much involved in using the computers. And Windows is without any doubt the most popular operating system among the users and it can be just because of its very much user friendly interface. Windows file registry is the most popularly known and used part of the operating system, but the one thing that is very boring about that system is the same color ad Windows doesn’t allow to customize the folder colour, but don’t worry there is a way to do that using a third party software.

Let us now dig into the process of doing that

  • First, you need to download and install Rainbow Folder  Software on your Windows PC
  • Now, after installing, just launch the application, you can find the simple interface and there are a lot of options available as well.
  • It even has different styles which you can select from
  • Select the folder colour that you wish to set, you can change the shade of the colour by changing hue and saturation
  • There is even a Random colour option available if you wish to have a random color to the folder
  • Then just press the colourize button to change the colours of the folders in your Windows PC
  • If you wish to get the default colour of the folders back, then just select the folders and select the decolourize option

This Rainbow folder is thus the best software that helps you to change your PC’s folder colours.