Sun. Jan 24th, 2021
Our devices are filled with images these days. We have been used to clicking pictures as it has become simple and easy with our smartphones. At the same time, we are also getting access to high-resolution images as smartphones these days are even coming with high-end camera resolutions. So, we are getting access to high-quality images due to this but sometimes the high-quality images become a problem as some websites or applications cannot host large size images, so in such cases, we may find a need for compressing images. Here is how you can do that. Learn how to compress images here.

Compress Images Using TinyPNG

This method lets the user compress images without actually losing the quality of the images.

You need to visit the amazing website  that will help you in compressing any images without compromising the quality. Then you will get to see the home screen of the website with a drop the images panel where you can drag and drop the images or you can also choose upload images option and browse images from your computer’s library.
Just any of these options and upload them. Once the upload process is done, you can then observe that all the images that you have selected and uploaded will be compressed. You can either choose them to download them individually or also choose to download them as a zip file.

Compress Images Using Image Optimizer

This is another online free service which helps you in compressing images. Just head to the website and then upload the files that you wish to compress using the choose file option that you can find on the website. Then choose the quality that is sufficient for you and then finally hit the optimize now option.
We hope these simple methods may come useful to you.