Tue. Jan 19th, 2021
Every one of us might be having this habit of listening to music on our phones. May it be during the journeys, may it during the work hours, may it be before going to sleep, may it be during leisure many of us prefer listening to music as our favourite pass time. So, have you ever thought of the problem in our Android devices can be called as a defect maybe? We need to unlock the device to navigate between the music library if we wish to change a song or anything like that which is quite a difficult thing to do. So, we are to introduce you a process where you can control music with volume keys. Sounds nice right!!! Why not give it a try. Check it out here

How To Control Music With Volume Keys

First, to begin with, the process here is a note that you need your device needs root access to do this thing.

Then get the Xposed Installer application downloaded and installed on your device. Then launch the Xposed Installer app and you will find some information with the framework, modules, and other such options.
Just tap on the Framework option which will open a new menu, then tap on the install/update option. Then it will show a superuser request that needs permission from you which you need to simply grant.
It will install the framework in the background and you just need to wait until you see a new pop-up screen, then tap on ok.
Now finally to help the changes to take effect perfectly, you can simply reboot your device and when you restart your device, you will be able to operate or control music with volume keys.
We hope this process that finally lets you control music with volume keys with the help of the Xposed Installer app helped you.