Mon. Jan 18th, 2021
Compressing the file is one such a really useful and simple to learn things among the various things we do online. But many of us will be neglecting

this task and will be depending on others, but it is really a simple that anyone of us can do pretty easily. Zip files are in demand because of their portability and easy transferability as they occupy less space and will be easy to transfer and share across devices between persons. So, here are the two different ways using which you can create compressed zip files of the files that you want.

Creating Compressed Zip Files

As a first thing, you need to place all the files that you wish to compress at the same place that is inside a single folder. This step makes your task simple and tension less.
It is advised that you stop doing any other processes are anything is happening behind as compressing big files.

Then all you need to do is just simply select all the files that you need to have inside the zipped folder and then right-click on it, then click on the ‘send to’ option and then choose the ‘compressed folder’ option.
That is it, your compressed zip file will be ready.

Using KGB Archiver

The process of creating compressed file or folder can also be done using a compression tool for a better-compressed file. KGB Archiver is one such a really useful compression tool that lets you compress a 1GB file up to 100MB.
All you need to do is just download and install the tool on your computer, then run the tool.
Then when you open the application, it will show some options in the window, select the ‘compress files’ option and click on ‘next’.
Now on the next screen, you need to just browse through the files of your computer and select the location of the compressed file and choose where you want it to be saved. Also, choose the compression level and also add the files that you wish to compress and then finally click on the next option and the process of compressing will begin. Your compressed file will be ready in a few minutes.
We hope these simple steps help you in getting your files compressed.