Tue. Jan 19th, 2021

There are plenty of websites on the internet. All the different web browsers that everyone of us might be using will allow their users to bookmark the web pages for easy and quick access. Have you ever wanted to have a shortcut of your own which allows you to open multiple tabs in a single click. Here are the steps needed to setup a desktop shortcut for opening multiple websites in your Windows run PC.

Creating A Desktop Shortcut For Opening Multiple Websites

  • First, just right click on the blank space on the opening page of your desktop screen in Windows 10
  • Then select New > Text Document
  • Now, the notepad window will open, just copy and paste the below text

@echo off

start https://www.google.com

start https://www.facebook.com

start https://www.saikumartechsolutions.tk

  • Now tap on the ‘File’ option present on the top left corner of the screen, then click on ‘Save As’ option
  • Save the file with any name but remember to give it a .bat extension, for example you can name it testing.bat
  • Now you will find the .bat file on the desktop as a shortcut icon
  • You can simply double click on it and see the websites open all at once

The code you have given above will open the websites in the default browser, but if you want to open the websites in a particular browser which may not be your default browser, then you can simply change the code a bit.

If you want to open the websites in Internet Explorer, then the copy and paste the below code

@echo off

start chrome https://www.google.com

start chrome https://www.facebook.com

start chrome https://www.saikumartechsolutions.tk

This is the basic process, we hope you understand the trick well, and customize it according to your requirement, you can change the websites, change the web browser in which the websites will open. We hope you find this useful. Share it with your friends.