Tue. Jan 26th, 2021
Subtitles come in handy at many times. We all must be having our own kind of experiences with subtitles. Have you ever thought of creating subtitles of your own for any videos you wish? You must be thinking the process is a difficult and tedious one and must be avoiding it fearing. But don’t worry, here we put together a simple process of how to create subtitles to your videos. Just head to the process and follow the steps below.

How To Create Subtitles For Your Videos

  • For this purpose, you first need to get the application or the program downloaded and installed on your device. It is the VideoPad Get it downloaded and installed in your PC
  • Then just run the program on your PC, and click on the option Clips in the top menu of the application window, and then select add file option
  • Now select the video file to which you would like to include or create subtitles for
  • Then the video will start importing into the program
  • After the importing of the program is completed, right click on it and then select the option place on sequence
  • Then at the home click on subtitles option which will display a new subtitle window
  • Then you will find an editing screen below the video
  • All you need to do is just add subtitles to the video and apply them to the particular timings of the video
  • You will find the subtitles added by you applied to the video according to the timings that you have set up
This way you can create subtitles for your own captured videos. If you have the habit of uploading YouTube videos, then this thing will help you a lot as it will make your videos reach a number of audiences regardless of their mother tongue.