Mon. Jan 18th, 2021
Android has been one of the most popular operating systems. Many people prefer Android devices over the other types of devices as it has got some range of customisation options for its users. Have you ever wanted to edit or customize your Android’s power off menu. Here is a complete look into the process of getting more options that you may need when you click the power off menu.
The method is a pretty simple one and it doesn’t require much of your efforts. All you will be needing is a rooted Android device.
You need to have the Xposed module Installer installed in your Android device. Getting this Xposed module installer may even want you to follow a few simple steps. So, here you go.
Just get the APK downloaded on your device, then install it, and then you will find a superuser request on your screen and you will need to grant it. The framework will install by itself and once done, it will show you some information on your screen. Tap on Ok.
Then you need to get the Advanced Power Menu downloaded and installed on your device. It will allow you to edit the Android’s power off menu. After the application is installed, then you need to enable this application in the Xposed Installer so that it will be able to make changes to your system settings and files.
Now launch the application and you will find a lot of options. Here you can edit the options available according to your choice and set them as you want them to be.
You can even edit the settings and set to have some extra reboot options that you may want.
You can also choose to have other options like WiFi, silent mode in the power menu itself.
Thus make use of this amazing Advanced Power Menu app and customize your Android’s power off menu.