Tue. Jan 19th, 2021
Mouse or the trackpad whatever we use to navigate the cursor over the computer screen which is one of the very important actions, the main focus will be definitely on the cursor and its actions. Not many of us know the different ways of customizing the cursor actions, so we thought of present you some really simple and easy customizations that you can try.  So, learn how to customize your mouse actions down here.

Some Simple Mouse Settings

You can make use of the shortcut Windows + I to open the settingsmenu and then navigate to devices, then tap on the mouse. There you can find a few options for some of your basic mouse actions, you can choose your primary button, the mouse wheel actions, and few more which you can customize according to your wish.

Advanced Settings

In the earlier menu settings window, right at the bottom, you will find the advanced option which you can click to access further custom settings where you can change the speed of the cursor and the double click speed.
You have also got a CheckLock feature that allows you to do the drag and drop actions without actually holding the mouse button and you can just click the primary button by placing the cursor on the file or folder and then clicking for one time when you wish to release it. So, enable this CheckLock option in your mouse’s advanced options and get ready to enjoy this feature.

Customize Pointer And Pointer Options, Mouse Actions

The mouse options even allow the users to custom their mouse pointer and pointer options, if you feel bored of the same pointer symbol, you can get a new one and even customize it with many other symbols from the internet.
In the mouse properties window, click on pointers tab where you can find these options which you can customize.
In the same way, you will also find various another tab called wheel, where you can customize and set up vertical scrolling if you find a need for it.
So, do try these things out and use your mouse options to the fullest.