Sun. Jan 24th, 2021

Ads might be the most annoying things for us, but they are the major part of the businesses, various website, and other services as they help them to earn money. But we may not that much interested in watching the ads , especially while in a mood to play a game for some fun time. If you think you cannot do anything about it, then give that thinking an end and here is a simple way to get rid of those annoying advertisements.

Mobile phone users are more certainly to find these Ads as they are found in every free app and game. All the advertisements found in the apps and games are not necessarily malicious but they are a great disturbance in our way for sure.

Disabling Mobile Ads

Have you ever thought of playing the mobile games without any of the advertisements and disturbances, you think it is not possible. I will now show a simple trick to do that.

Here is how you can play your most favorite offline games without the advertisements disturbing you or distracting you from the game.

Since the advertisements basic need is an internet connection, you can simply turn the airplane mode on in your phone, and this trick works only with the games that can be played in the offline. Some popular games may require the internet connection to start, but later you can turn the airplane mode on and stop Ads from disturbing you while you are indulged in playing.

This works best in most of the puzzle and platformer games.

This also helps in saving your battery from draining quickly. Ads make use a lot of battery to load and internet connection also drains the battery. So, using this trick you can stop advertisements from disturbing you while playing mobile games.