Sat. Jan 16th, 2021

Many of us know about the tracking feature available in our Android and iOS devices, but very few are aware of the same type of feature available in Windows run desktop PCs and laptops. This may turn you on but this feature doesn’t let you perform actions like remotely wiping or locking your Windows device. So, let us now take a look at the process of enabling that feature in your Windows 10 run laptops or PCs.

One thing to note before you dig into the process is that this method works only with devices that have a GPS chip, a cellular connection, or any other such means that help the device in determining its location.

Steps for enabling laptop tracking in Windows 10

  • As a first step, you should make sure that the location services on your device are on. You can do that by searching for Location privacy settings
  • You can just select the result found and then check whether the location of your device is on. If not turned on just toggle the button
  • Once the location is on, open the start menu and search for Find My Device
  • Select the option from the results found and toggle the switch to turn it on
  • Now, you are done with setting up the things in your device
  • You can simply view your device on Microsoft’s website  and check the location of your device by clicking on the option Find My Device
  • It will show the location of your device on the map

Thus, this laptop tracking feature may come to your rescue at times.