Thu. Jan 21st, 2021

The power of Google search operators doesn’t need any kind of explanation and descriptions. No one denies accepting the fact regarding the power of the Google search engine. With just a little added effort, you can simply make sure that you get and find the domains and the exact content that you wish to have or looking for. One thing that you need to do that is just simply excluding certain websites the results that you don’t wish to have in the results and if you think that those are the websites that you don’t care much about. So, here is how you can manage your Google search results.

Exclude Certain Websites In Google Search Results

It is pretty simple to exclude certain keywords from your result, all you need to do is just place a simple hyphen in front of the word without space.

So, let us take an example to let you understand it better. If you are searching for microlenses but you don’t want any results with canon, so all you have to do is just use the keyword ‘ microlenses –canon’ in the Google search and then simply press enter.
In the same way, if you are looking to exclude certain domains from your search results, then if you are searching for something and don’t wish to get the certain domain result in the Google search results, then you should be searching with the keyword followed by a hyphen followed by the domain name ( there should be space between the keyword and the hyphen but not between the hyphen and the domain name). Just like the above-mentioned example, you need to replace the keyword with the domain name.
For example, if you are searching for raspberry pi but don’t wish to have the Wikipedia page of the raspberry pi in the search results, then you should be searching ‘raspberry pi -Wikipedia’
So, we hope this simple trick will help you in organizing your search results better.