Sun. Jan 24th, 2021
An APK file is a final extension that is produced after the development of an android application and it is called the Android Application package. It comes with an extension .APK and is similar to .exe that is used to install programs in Windows.
It is not easy to extract the APK from the Android app but I am going to show you the various methods using which we can extract the APK files.
But before that, I would like to tell you one thing
Note: Extracting APK from a paid application is very much illegal and if you do so, then you are responsible for it. We don’t support piracy at all.

Extracting APK File

Method 1:

If you are having a rooted device, then it is a pretty simple top extract using an advanced file explorer which allows you to browse through the root folders. Installed application usually can be found at the path /data/apps.
If you have a non-rooted device, then don’t worry you can do that. You have to use a file manager application that allows you to backup the installed applications, for example, ES File Explorer. Then to extract the APK file, the process goes like
  • You have to take the backup of the app that you want the APK to extract from
  • You will find the backed up extracted file of APK in the folder Backup in your internal storage.

Method 2:

Well if you are a little lazy to do all these things and want an android app to do that for yourself, then the app APK extractor which is available in the Google Play store will do that.
The application is very simple to use. It will show you all the system apps and third-party apps that are available on your phone and you can just search for the app that you want to extract the APK for and then tap on the app, that is it APK will be extracted and saved in the folder ExtractedAPKs in your device’s internal storage.
The application settings even allow its users to change the destination folder where the APK needs to be saved. You can even add the version of the APK if you want to have a better understanding. And you can even share the file right from the application itself to others.
Use this android app APK Extractor to extract APKs easily.