Tue. Jan 26th, 2021

Android smartphones nowadays offer a plenty of storage options. Who doesn’t want unlimited storage on smartphones for storing endless files. We are used to store everything on our phones. Over the time, our devices will be filled with random duplicate files which we may further pile up the storage of our android devices.

There are tons and tons of media cleaner applications available in the store that can help you get rid of the applications. Here is the detailed guide on finding and removing duplicate files on Android.

Steps For Finding And Removing Duplicate Files

  • As a first step, download and install the application Duplicate Media Remover on your android device
  • Now launch the application and it will ask you to choose the folders
  • Then it will scan for duplicate files on the selected folders
  • When the scan gets finished, you can see all the duplicate files out there. Then you just click on ‘Show Duplicates’
  • You can here see the media files listed out there

You can select them and choose to delete, this helps you to save a lot of space in your device. While there are many other such applications available for getting rid of duplicate files, we hope this one will be helpful for you.