Tue. Jan 26th, 2021
Chrome the most popular browser and the most widely used browser is very much known for hogging memory. This can make your device go slow, to avoid this you can follow some simple tips and thus make chrome’s RAM usage at a minimum level. Follow these simple things and free up RAM space on your device
Web browsing has become more complex than people give it credit for. Think about it: When you’re using a computer, most of what you do takes place in your browser, from opening tabs to watching videos and using web apps or extensions that integrate with the rest of your machine. That’s a lot of stuff.

Steps To Free Up RAM Space

  • Temporarily closing your tabs can help you a lot. You can make use of a variety of extensions to suspend the tabs and stop them from using up your RAM
  • Selectively suspend tabs by using come awesome Google chrome extensions like OneTab, TooManyTabs
  • If you are not in a way to choose and suspend the tabs then let Chrome choose for you, some apps like TabMemFree, TabWrangler will help you to suspend the unused tabs for you.
  • Enable text mode in Google Chrome as it would load all the web pages in text mode which saves a lot of memory. This will remove texts and other extras from the website.
  • Read mode helps you in case you want to view images, this mode will strip out flash and ads out of the web pages.
  • Clean up your Chrome extensions and unwanted extras.
  • Always keep your Chrome updated.
  • Clear up your cache regularly
These tips will help to free up RAM, try these and your browser should work fine. Clear out some space in RAM and then you will be able to do the task of browsing really quick and fast without any kind of lags.