Tue. Jan 19th, 2021

Different device manufacturers implement separate amendments to the Android OS to make it more appealing and useful to the users. One such a tweak that the device manufacturer’s implement is the network status on the top of the device. This lets the users keep track of the data that they have been using and the data that they have remaining to use. But not every Android device comes with this feature of displaying the network activity on the status bar of the device. So, here we bring you the simple and easy steps of enabling the display of the network status on the top of the device screen.

Enabling The Network Activity

  • To begin the process, you first have to download and install the Internet Speed Meter application from the Google play store. It is available to download for free for the users. So, get it installed on your device
  • As soon as the app installation is completed you will start to see the network activity of your data connection on the status bar of your device, but you can also customize it if you wish
  • Just open the Internet Speed Meter app, then head to the settings of the application by clicking on the gear icon
  • Inside the settings you will find various options related to widget, appearance, just customize according to your choice and then you will find the network activity status displayed according to your choice

This is a more stable working app that we have observed and have found that it affects other working tasks. Thus we hope you try this app and get the perfectly right track of the network usage status. Hope you like the Internet Speed Meter app.