Mon. Jan 18th, 2021
The population of Android users has been increasing day by day from time to time and everyone must agree with this thing. Now in this post, we are going to learn the process to hide certain images in Android as we may find the feature useful and needy at times. Check it out here.

How To Hide Certain Images In Android 

Every android device comes with a built-in file explorer and if doesn’t have an inbuilt one, we will definitely look up and Es File Explorer is one such a really popular Android file explorer.
You need this file explorer for this process of hiding images on your device.
Now if you had it, just open the file explorer and browse through the DCIM folder in it.

Then inside of it, you will notice a certain type of folders like Facebook, Camera etc. Now if you wish to hide images from your camera, then you need to long press on the camera folder in the file explorer and then rename the folder name by adding a “.” in front of the folder name and then save it.
The same way if you wish to hide the images from any certain another folder like WhatsApp or Facebook, then all you need to do is just browse through the folders inside the Es File Explorer and then just rename the folder name by adding a simple “.” symbol in the starting of the folder name and then save it.
That is it these are the few simple steps that you need to do and you are done. It will help you to hide certain images in your device and make them disappear in the gallery of your device. You can thus hide WhatsApp images, Facebook Images, or any other folder you wish.
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