Mon. Jan 25th, 2021
The Android operating system is an open source and the users can’t brag enough about it. It allows the users to use third-party applications, modify the OS as per their desires and likes. It also allows users to root their devices which allows them to modify system files as they are given administrative rights. Rooting an Android phone doesn’t actually need any deep-rooted knowledge but can be done by anyone with minimum knowledge and one needs to be definitely cautious while rooting as it may lead to damage to your device. While root access is very much popular among the Android users, many feel it as an unsafe way and the phones are even considered as insecure.

Some Android apps don’t work with rooted phones like bank applications which we will definitely need. So, in such cases to all the users who have rooted Android devices with them and facing issues like this. They can actually hide root access from certain Android apps by following the simple steps below.

Hide Root Access From Apps

  • As a first step, you need to get Cydia Substrate  installed on your device
  • Then when you open the application and check in the Settings>About, Linux mode should be set to permissive and not enforce, if it is in enforcing, then get this  SELinuxModeChanger and change the mode to permissive
  • Now get RoatCloak Plus  app and restart your device once
  • Now open the RootCloak Plus app and it will show you the list of all the applications on your device
  • You can simply press the plus icon on the top and then add the apps that you wish to hide the root access from
You are all done with the setup and now those apps will work fine on your rooted device.