Wed. Jan 20th, 2021
Android users cannot complete their day without visiting the Google playstore at least once a week. It is their go-to solution for any new apps, games

etc. But do you really think it is a safe place, yes it is, of course, a safe place but it also contains some of the really dangerous stuff? There are plenty of fake apps in the playstore which may prone some serious risk to your security. So, here we bring you to some of the useful ways using which you can easily identify the fake applications and stay away from them.

How To Identify Fake Apps:

This is not anything difficult or impossible, there are some really simple and easy observations that you can make in the app. Consider the below steps.

App Name:

The first thing you need to observe is the name of the application available in the Google playstore. There are some fake apps with the same name as the original app, but with some little differences which may sometimes difficult to trace. But if you observe it keenly, you can.
For example, you may find an app with the name WhatsApp messenger but it is actually WhatsApp Messenger.

Developer Name:

The next thing that you should concentrate on observing is the name of the developer. The official applications will always have the popular developer names and you can trace the apps as fake if they have got some uncommon names as the developer.

User Reviews:

This is another interesting step that you must do while checking the app whether it is fake or real. The users who have used it earlier can be the best ones to reveal the fact about it. So, just check the user reviews of the app, and ratings to find its popularity. You can then be in a position to analyze.


The next important step that you must consider to do while doin
g the checking of the app is that you can check the number of downloads of the app through the Playstore and it can reveal you a lot of things. If it has got the highest number of downloads, then you trust it.
These are some of the steps that you can try considering if you are obliged about installing an application. Just go through these steps and stay away from fake apps.