Tue. Jan 26th, 2021
The pendrives are one of the most common devices that many of us might be depending on for saving, securing, sharing our data. But sometimes the data transfer speed of your Android devices can be quite frustrating. The slow data transferring process can be very much annoying. If you are stuck with one such a kind of situation and obliged about how to get out of it, then you can do that by following some of the simple steps below which can help you in increasing the speed of your pendrive.

Steps To Increase Your Pendrive’s Data Transfer Speed

The File System

The file system in your pendrive is the first thing that is considered as responsible for the allocation of memory for the data in the pendrive. So, always consider formatting the pendrive or any data storage device before transferring your data into them.

Hardware Settings

Sometimes the device policies are even set at such a lower performance rate that makes the data transfer speed bad. So, you need to just alter a few settings in the device’s hardware settings by heading to the policy tab. This step can even better your device performance.

Computer Performance

Before blaming your pendrive as a whole, you should also take a chance to check the performance of your computer and check whether there is any fault with it. If you have found that it is slow, then find ways to better its performance.

Check For Errors

Check for any kind of possible errors with your pendrive. You can also choose to fix the errors automatically. You need to head to the properties section of the pendrive, then click on the tools tab. Then under the error checking section, you need to just click on the ‘check now’ option where it will then just do an attempt to check the errors and fix them.


You can also make use of some programs like Teracopy which lets you do this process of data transfer smooth. It is one of the best tools that can help you in boosting the data transfer speed between your devices.
We hope these tips helped you in reducing the data transfer speed across your device.