Wed. Jan 20th, 2021
Computers and laptops, in fact, all the windows run devices have features like drag and drop, cut, copy and paste which will be very much useful for making many of our tasks pretty simple. The features like these make Windows user-friendly. Android even has got a pretty useful copy and paste feature that the users make use of and which makes the Android system quite useful. You all must be aware of the copy and paste features and the Android clipboardfeatures. Now, let us go through some of the copy and paste tips that let you manage clipboard better.

Copy And Paste Tips That You Need To Know

Well, first of all, you might be aware of the basic features of the copy and paste on your Android device. Most of the applications like Chrome, browsers will allow you to do this copy function by simply long pressing the text and then the text will be copied to the clipboard and you can simply long-press anywhere you wish to paste it and just select the paste option. You can also copy the URL links of the websites that you visit by simply long pressing the URL and the address bar, then you can paste it somewhere you want.
For improving the copy and paste button, you can make use of some of the solid android applications that can help you in making the best of the copy and paste feature.
ClipperAnyCopy are a few such Android applications that can help you in making most out of the feature. These will allow you to copy multiple texts and manage them as you want them to be. The applications make the users’ task to manage clipboard better and easier. Android clipboard becomes more useful with the help of these applications.
We hope these above-mentioned things will help you like copy and paste tips and help you in making your Android experience a better one.