Tue. Jan 26th, 2021

The most common issue that many of us might be facing with our android phones is the out of storage space and this is the most irritating thing that many of us face while we are recording something or taking a picture or downloading an application. As an immediate thing, all you can do is move android apps to external storage. So, here we present you with some of the different ways of clearing your internal storage.

Various Ways To Move Android Apps To Micro SD Card

Make SD Card As An Internal Storage

If your device runs on Android Marshmallow or above, you can make your SD Card storage work as an internal storage and thus expand your internal storage making more space for your apps and videos, pictures and other files you need.

And you need a simple setup for this, you should not have any data in the SD Card to do this and if you have any just take a backup of all your important data and then go ahead with this process. When you insert the SD Card, it will show a few options, select use as an internal storageoption, then tap on erase and format, it will take a few seconds and you are done. You will have the internal memory extended with your external SD Card and these two storage spaces become your internal storage.

This is known as the adaptable storage feature where you will have to permanently leave your SD card on your phone.

Moving Apps In Android Marshmallow And Lollipop


The process to move Android apps to internal space in your Marshmallow run Android devices is pretty easy and all you need to do is just head to the Device settings, then tap on the Apps option, and then select your particular application which you wish to choose to internal space. And then tap on Storage option, then click on change and hit the option card and tap on move option to finish the process.


Android Lollipop users can do the process of moving android apps to SD card storage with simple steps and they first need to head to the settings of the device. Then choose apps option and select the particular application you wish to move, then under the storage section you will find a box with the option move to SD card option on it, just tap on it and it will be moved to SD card within a few moments.

We hope these different ways helped in knowing the process to move Android apps to external storage and get rid of the storage full error.