Wed. Jan 27th, 2021

The satellite setup boxes offer the viewers some kind of convenience by allowing them to view the TV shows according to their schedule. But they do not allow the users to transfer the content across the devices for viewing them at a later time or sharing them with their friends/family. Even though the satellite providers haven’t come up with this kind of a thing, the viewers would always love to transfer the recorded the television shows to their other devices. So, if you are one such a person who wishes to record TV shows, then don’t worry here is how you can do that from your computers/laptops.

So, you will be needed to follow the below steps for this

Steps To Record TV Shows:

Hardware Setup

Hauppege HD PVR allows you to record TV shows, so here we go.

You need an HD PVR to be connected to your TV outlet.

Then also plug the component video cable from the video-out section of your cable box and audio cables to the video-in section of your Hauppege HD PVR.

Then connect the USB cable from the PVR to your computer.

Software Setup

Install the HD PVR windows driver and the total media extreme recording program on your laptop or computer whichever you use. After installing the program, just launch it and click on record TV option. Configure the settings according to your choice. Also, choose the recording format of the files.

So, this software setup completes the process almost. After you complete these steps, you can begin to enjoy the feature. At the bottom of this ‘total media extreme’ program you will find an option ‘save to…’, you need to determine the location of where the file needs to be saved. You will see a capture button which you can simply hit to start the recording.

This is the simple and easy way of setting up for recording TV shows so that you can enjoy them on your various devices later. Hope you find it useful.