Mon. Jan 18th, 2021
Windows is one such a quite popular operating system that we have been used for years. But windows run mobile phones are a disaster as we all know. Have you ever wished or wanted to have windows software or programs installed on your Android device? No one may probably want to do that, but what if you get to know there is an easy way to get this thing done and have the windows programs on your Android devices pretty easily, then you would definitely want to right!! So, here we bring you to the simple and easy ways to run the Windows apps in Android.

Run Windows Apps In Android

So, the application is Wine which lets the users run the Windows application in various other platforms like Linux, macOS, and BSD. It is considered as one of the most popular platforms for running Windows software on other platforms.
For the benefit of Android users, Wine has been launched on the Android platform very recently.

Installing Wine On Your Device

You can get the Wine application installed on your Android from the official Wine website as you can find the APK there. There are various versions for ARM processors, so you just need to identify your device’s architecture before proceeding to install the application on your device. You can get the information regarding the processor from the internet, just you need to be doing some online search for a bit.
Then download the suitable Wine APK software and then install it on your Android device. It will ask you for certain permissions while installing and you need to grant them. Then after the installation is done, just wait for the windows environment to be created.
After the application launches the environment, you will find a Windows 7 style start menu. One thing you need to remember is you must be connected to a mouse or a keyboard for interacting with your Android using Wine. The menu on the tiny little mobile device screens makes it almost difficult to operate using touches, so it is recommended to at least use Stylus.
You can launch the applications that you may wish to run by simply using the run command. You need to issue commands for running the windows app on Android.
Then running your desired programs in Wine is another step for you. You need to get the desired windows programs or software installed in .exe files and save them in your desired location and then you need to navigate them from the run command to run and launch them.
One more important thing to note is that not all Android devices have the ability to run this application to get the Windows apps in Android.
Even the features of this application are limited as of now, there are chances of improvement in the future.