Sun. Jan 24th, 2021

Dropbox is one of the popular and easy to use file sharing and file saving tools that are available for free. Besides Google Drive and One Drive, this sharing and online data saving tool is also equally popular. It is widely used by people.

If you are using a Windows PC and take screenshots, and work with screenshots a lot, then this tip and simple trick that we are going to tell will be very helpful to you.

This actually is a setting that is available with the Dropboxapplication by default. You don’t have to install any other third-party tools or applications for this purpose.

Come out of the hassles of uploading the screenshots that you take on your PC if you ever wish to share them with your near and dear ones, you just set this thing up and you are all done.

For this purpose, you must be having the Dropbox app installed on your device. Having this application installed on your device is a must needed thing that you need to follow for sure.

If you have the application installed on your device already, then just open the application and click on the gear icon and then from the menu select Preferences. Click on Import option there. Then make sure the checkbox next to the option share screenshots using Dropbox is checked.

Or if you just installed it and would like to get this feature, then when you capture a screenshot. You will notice an on-screen prompt window asking you whether you wish to upload your future screenshots or not. Choose to save screenshots option. That is it,  you are done with the setup.

Enjoy this auto-upload feature and synchronize them across devices and even share them with your dear ones and family members when you have got something to share.